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RRP: 5 990 FtEz a beszállító által legutóbb ajánlott kiskereskedelmi eladási ár.
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4 990 Ft
Sonoff R5 Smart Scene fali kapcsoló
Sonoff R5 Smart Scene fali kapcsoló
Sonoff R5 Smart Scene fali kapcsoló

Sonoff R5 Smart Scene fali kapcsoló

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Szerezhető hűségpontok: 50
6 kapcsoló, eWeLink app
RRP: 5 990 FtEz a beszállító által legutóbb ajánlott kiskereskedelmi eladási ár.
Bővebben az RRP árazásról itt
4 990 Ft

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40.000 felett INGYENES

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Gyártó: Sonoff
Cikkszám: 35191
Energiaforrás 2x 3V CR2032 elem
Méret 86x86x13.5mm

Sonoff R5 wall switch

Make it easy to operate your smart devices. The Sonoff R5 wall switch is equipped with 6 buttons, and with the eWeLink-Remote gateway function, it allows you to remotely control devices added to the eWeLink app. Its range is up to 90m, and it also supports 3 types of trigger actions. You can use it to trigger both a single action and an entire scene. The product is very easy to install, and you can mark its buttons with the included stickers.

Made for the smart home

Experience how simple and convenient smart home management can be. If you don't want to control your devices located in different rooms via an app, you can use the R5 switch. The eWeLink-Remote gateway function allows you to locally control your smart appliances at a distance of up to 90 meters. 2-way lighting control is also possible using an additional M5 switch (sold separately).

Even more convenient operation

With just the press of a button, you can call up a smart scene created earlier using the app. When an Internet connection is available, you can turn on all the lights in the kitchen or turn off the bedside lamps in the bedroom with one click. In addition, one eWeLink Remote gateway device can be connected to as many as 8 R5s! This means that you can successfully use more switches to operate one lamp.

Push the button in 3 ways

Get even more options. The switch buttons can be pressed in 3 ways - the available options are single click, double click and long click. Each type of press can correspond to a different action. For example, a single click will turn on all the bedroom lights, a double click will turn on only the bedside lamps, and a long click will make all the lights go out. The choice is yours - the possibilities are almost endless!

Simple installation - long working time

The device is extremely easy to install. All you have to do is stick it to the wall with the help of adhesive stickers you will find in the package. You don't have to worry about wiring! You can also use the switch like a regular remote control and simply put it on a table or shelf. What's more, you'll only need 2 CR2032 batteries to power the device, which will provide an operating time of up to 2 years.

20 stickers included

Worried that you won't remember which devices certain switch buttons are assigned to? Worried that you will get confused? Don't be! In the set you will find 20 stickers, with which you can easily mark the functions of specific buttons. Create your own personalized switch, customize it according to your needs and enjoy convenient operation of smart devices in your home!

In the box

  • R5 switch
  • Mounting screws
  • Self-adhesive stickers
  • Stickers for marking the buttons
  • User manual


Brand Sonoff
Model R5
Number of buttons 6
Power source 2x 3V CR2032 battery
Working temperature 0°C-40°C
Material PC V0
Dimensions 86x86x13.5mm
Color Gray


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