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Gosund LB3 Tuya intelligens éjjeli lámpa
RRP: 14 990 Ft Ez a beszállító által legutóbb ajánlott kiskereskedelmi eladási ár.
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9 990 Ft

Gosund LB3 Tuya intelligens éjjeli lámpa

Tuya appal irányítható
A termékért 0 Ft értékű levásárolható hűségpontot szerezhetsz. Minden levásárolt Forintért hűségpontot szerezhetsz. Bővebben a hűségpontokról itt
RRP: 14 990 Ft Ez a beszállító által legutóbb ajánlott kiskereskedelmi eladási ár.
Bővebben az RRP árazásról itt
9 990 Ft

Gosund Smart Light - the efficient lamp you need

The intelligent Gosund light can be remotely controlled by means of a suitable application. It can also integrate perfectly into the smart home environment. The device is also distinguished by voice control, work scheduling, the possibility of dimming the light, touch panel, as well as simplicity of use and variable lighting color.

Non-contact device control

The lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant systems, which provides maximum convenience to the user thanks to the ability to control light through simple voice messages. With the help of commands you can not only easily turn the device on or off, but also adjust the light to your needs, all the time comfortably lying in bed or on the couch.

Wake up and fall asleep mode

You can either run the light as standard or save the hours you go to bed and get up. When you do this, the device will adapt to your day. In the morning it will wake you up with a pleasant bright glow and in the evening it will calm you down with a relaxing white light that makes it easier to prepare for sleep.

Remote control and schedule

Easily control the lamp with Gosund anytime, anywhere, even when you're out. Adjust the brightness of the light to your needs or turn on/off the light in your child's room at your convenience.

More than a lamp

The compact size and elegant appearance of the device allow it to be integrated into an artistic decoration on the table. They also make the lamp perfectly fit into almost any arrangement in a modern home. The product perfectly combines with modern furniture and can become an excellent element of decoration also in your apartment.

Bring more color into your life

Gosund's intelligent night light can completely change our perception of space. RGB+W light mixing mode allows the user to create beautiful and stunning scenery. Gosund lamp is comfortable to use thanks to the touch screen, universal switch, as well as white and RGB light modes.

Comfortable touch panel

In the lamp, the standard buttons have been completely replaced by a more intuitive touch panel. This solution definitely makes it easier to use. Changing color or brightness - everything is done by touch. Simply press the top/side of the device to turn it on/off or switch between modes. What's more, gently swiping your finger on the lower touch panel allows you to change colors and adjust the brightness of light from 1% to 100%.

Wide range of applications

The device does not have to serve only as a bedside lamp in the bedroom. It will also work perfectly well in other places. You can successfully place it in the children's room, bathroom, living room or kitchen. Due to the light emitted by them, you can also use them as a reading lamp.

A solution that does not require installation

Thanks to this solution, the user no longer has to worry about software installation or other complicated activities. Just run the lamp with the help of the included Micro USB cable, download the Gosund APP application, add the device, adjust the settings to your needs and enjoy a new, reliable light source!


Manufacturer Gosund
Model LB3
Color RGB+W
Lumenty 150 lm(W)/100 lm(RGB)
Rated power 5W(W)/3W(RGB)
Operating temp. -20°C to 40°C
Dimensions 22.5 x 11 x 11(cm)
Application Gosund and SmartLife (Tuya)
Compatibility Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


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